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Success Stories


“When we started therapy, my son was two years old and he used very little functional language. I felt him slipping away into his own little world. I am a teacher, so I did a great deal of research and visited centre-based programs as well. Pre-Schoolers working togetherLeslie presented herself as professional and knowledgeable. Her experience working with the Ministry funded program has helped me to navigate the bureaucracy and many agencies involved with my son. Her approach is whole family-based and she takes into consideration financial limitations and is accessible and approachable as she supports her clients. Many of the strategies she has used with my son, I have incorporated into programming for my students with autism. My son is now five and he has so many wonderful ideas that he can now share with me. He answers questions, expresses his needs and actually seeks connection from us now. Leslie’s small group therapy setting is a warm and calm environment that takes each individual client’s needs and personality into account. I feel like I chose the option with the most love for my son and there is something very reassuring about that.”

-Mother of 5 year old boy


Pre-Schoolers working togetherrs

“Leslie has worked with our son for two and a half years, and since she took over from a previous provider we have such peace of mind. She is talented, dedicated, hard working, and professional. Her programming skills are excellent, and we have seen significant gains in our son’s skills. She has excellent interpersonal skills and works well with all other members of the team (psychologist, therapists, and daycare & preschool”teachers). We highly recommend Leslie’s services and continue to be thrilled with her work!

-Mother of a 4-year old boy


Boy Paining

I have been working with Leslie for the past 2 years, and I would say she is by far one of the best, if not the best, Clinical Supervisor I have had the pleasure of working with. The amount of effort and creativity she puts into her work is just phenomenal! Working on a team with Leslie makes my life as an IT that much simpler because she is so organized, her programs are concise and very well written, and Leslie, herself is always only a phone call away, willing to help in any way she can!

-Instructor Therapist

Leslie and her team are amazing!! I’m so lucky to have found her. There are so many choices of behavior therapists out there but you have to be really careful on who you choose. My son has improved so much since he started with her program 2 years ago. She really makes sure that he learns all the skills being taught, informs us of his progress and if we have a concern/question, she’s always there to provide the solution/answer. For me, she’s one of the best!

-Mother of 5-year old boy


Toddler playing with blocks


Children Sitting Together

“Hi Leslie, I’d like to send you a BIG THANK YOU for the resources your laminated and sent in. You were right, this student works much better with the token system…..and I love it too! I will be sure to pass on these visual supports to his teacher next year. Again thank you so much. And I give you such amazing credit for all you’ve done with his communication this year. What an amazing improvement I’ve had the opportunity to see this year. Amazing!”

-Grade one classroom teacher of a client


Leslie is extremely organized and thorough. She is always available to discuss programming, behaviours, and any concerns. She is very dedicated, kind, and caring. All are evident in her work and in her support of IT’s and families. I enjoy working with her and having her as a mentor.

-Instructor Therapist